Walt Disney Imagineering is to launch a Disney Imagination Campus in 2022. The campus will involve a series of workshops dedicated to helping students learn how to use their creativity and imagination to solve challenges.

The campus will be launched in January 2022 when students will have the opportunity to enrol in reimagined workshops in the subjects of Science and Technology, Arts & Humanities and Leadership & Innovation. The workshops will be created in collaboration with Walt Disney Imagineering.

Speaking about the campus project, Maryann Smith, vice president of sales, services and events at The Walt Disney Company said: “Our Walt Disney Imagineering partners are renowned for Blue Sky thinking, masterful storytelling, and creative problem-solving.

“We’ve taken these key skills and worked with Walt Disney Imagineering, Disney Live Entertainment and other Disney thought leaders to create new educational experiences to challenge students to use their imagination, all within our real-world learning laboratories and performance venues across our theme parks,” Smith continued.

There will also be opportunities for students to be involved in performing arts workshops, with performances making a return.