360GOLF, a new concept for miniature golf courses, is to debut at the IAAPA Expo in November 2021.

Designed by Holovis, with support from Adventure Golf and Sports (ADG), the high-tech miniature golf holes feature automatic scoring, a bonus point system, gamification, and sensory play powered by a ball filled with advanced technology.

Working together, the two companies are developing and producing a mini golf game which fuses traditional elements of the sport with cutting-edge technology, to create exciting gameplay for all ages.

Scott Lundmark, AGS president, commented on the debuting of the high-tech golf courses at IAAPA Expo in November: “This sample golf hole joins a series of eight other unique themed high-tech golf holes to create a nine-hole course.

“At the IAAPA show, guests will be able to play Duck Gallery, a carnival themed golf-hole, where they will initially putt on a ramp aimed upward toward rows of ducks on shelves to gain points before completing their putt on an obstacle strewn green.

“360GOLF does not follow traditional mini golf scoring rules. This is a game of high point scoring, including up to 50,000 points for the least number of putts, and bonuses up to 5,000 points for shooting through a Super Shot Target and point values for ducks in the gallery from 250 to 750. In the long term, the proprietary software will permit multiple locations to sponsor tournaments and post scores of top teams and individuals…a leader board concept,” Lundmark added.

360GOLF is considered an ideal addition to miniature golf courses, amusement parks, FECs, bars, restaurants, cruise ships and more.