In Australia, the Industry COVIDSafe Plan, which provides support, guidance and advice to help keep amusement park facilities healthy, safe and virus-free, has been approved.

AARALA is the primary industry body for the Australian Amusement, Leisure and Recreation industries. Now the Industry COVIDSafe Plan has been approved, it can be used to help amusement sites ensure the development and maintaining of a COVID-safe operation, which they can adjust and develop their own plan.

The AALARA COVIDSafe Plan provides resources designed to help amusement parks and attractions operate safely. AALARA board directors and management are continuing to lobby state and federal government from all sectors of the Austrian amusement, leisure, and recreation industries, to be a source of useful and factual information.

The resources include the Industry COVIDSafe Plan, an AALARA COVID-19 Action Plan, and AALARA Industry Checklists. Additional resources include information on wage subsidiaries, cash flow, sole traders, small and medium businesses, keeping team members safe, tax, bill, fee and rent relief, and devising lobby letter templates.