Aardman, the award-winning British animation studio based in Bristol, has announced the creation of a new immersive attraction.

The experience is coming to a number of Electric Gamebox locations in the UK, including London, Manchester and Lakeside. Known as Shaun the Sheep: Championsheeps, the immersive experience caters specifically for a younger audience.

The attraction involves six people teaming up to participate in a number of games. The high-energy experience requires agility, teamwork and good reactions. The only equipment participants need to wear is a motion-tracking visor, which is provided on arrival.

The game lasts for 30 minutes and transports players to Mossy Bottom Farm “Championsheeps”. At the farm, guests compete in a number of sporting events, all with a Shaun the Sheep theme, such as “Sheepy Uppy” and “Baah Bells.”

This is the first time Aardman and Electric Gamebox has collaborated. Ngaio Harding-Hill, head of attractions and live experiences at Aardman, commented: “We are thrilled to launch Shaun the Sheep’s first live immersive sporting adventures! The exciting new partnership with Electric Gamebox provides fans of all ages with a completely unique Shaun the Sheep interactive digital event experience.

“Bringing families and friends together to play all-new Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps action games, that celebrate the fun and physical humour of the characters in a fully immersive event.”