The Aquatic Development Group (ADG) has announced the launch of ‘EpicSurf’, a stationary surf wave with a non-stop action.

The product was unveiled on the market during a virtual trade show summit that was hosted by Surf Park Central on June 24, 2021. Surf industry leaders around the world gathered at the event to introduce new technologies and discuss the latest developments within the market.

EpicSurf has been engineered and manufactured at ADG’s headquarters in New York. Being a deep-stationary surf wave, the product is designed to cater for all levels of surfer, from novice to expert.

EpicSurf creates a real wave of water with a depth that ranges from three to five feet. This produces a more authentic surfing experience compared to other stationary surf rides which create just a thin sheet of water on the surface.

EpicSurf comes with a compact footprint, making it a viable product for most settings and more accessible to everyone.

ADG’s president, Jim Dunn, spoke of the ride’s uniqueness: “There are other manufacturers out there who are approaching stationary surf waves with thinner films of water but at ADG we wanted to go all in and create a wave that gives riders a true surf experience.

“EpicSurf is an opportunity for experienced surfers to get on and use real ocean boards and have lots of room to carve and perfect their skills, but at the same time it also offers a platform for beginners, giving them the chance to learn and advance, growing the sport for everyone.”