Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS), a global leader in the design, construction and installation of fun and interactive miniature golf and sports products, is to launch a new product known as AmericanPie Mini Golf. AmericanPie Mini Golf are fun golf courses that are a throwback from the 1950s and ‘60s.

AmericanPie boasts an easy setup, a flexible layout and is designed for quick disassembly for moving and storing. The AGS design team say they wanted to eliminate the traditional golf hole cup design and use a Carpet Cup instead to capture the ball.

Scott Lundmark, president of AGS, explained the idea behind the new mini golf product: “The idea was hatched as we created and installed several fun and whimsical nine-hole courses on the decks of Carnival Cruise Line ships.

“We took that idea and created AmericanPie, a unique, retro nine-hole course that has lots of tricks, is fun and super colourful with its geometric edges and portable obstacles. The entire product reminds us of mini golf courses of the past, and that’s why we named it ‘AmericanPie,” Lundmark continued.