Adventure Golf & Sports (AGS), specialists in the design, construction, fabrication and installation of interactive and cost-effective miniature golf and other sports products, has unveiled a new style of putting course for entertainment sites.

Known as Bunkers & Bumps, the system is designed to enable entertainment venues like FECs, hotels and restaurants, boost guest per capital spending by incorporating mini golf play into the overall guest experience.

The new putting system enables the assembly and installation of a unique golf course that features green technology. With a high grade of artificial putting turf, Bunkers & Bumps includes water drainage features. The panel system is made from recyclable materials, which are permeable, meaning courses benefit from instant drainage and thereby making them less prone to erosion.

Scott Lundmark, president at AGS, commented on the launch: “Our clients have come to us to expand on a market trend of natural putting courses, as compared to traditional miniature golf, and integrate it into their operations. Those that implement this new style of fun putting courses will be creating the opportunity for increased guest per-capita spending, boosting other revenue centres such as food and beverage, while enhancing the guest experience and bottom-line performance.

“This new style of putting course is like a miniaturized real golf course but only putting the ball with enhanced topography, artificial putting and rough turf, along with faux sand bunkers protecting or challenging certain shots…a real game changer,” Lundmark added.