Alterface, a market leader in interactive dark rides, has built and installed a show control and ride management system known as Salto!

Alterface’s signature show control software manages all aspects of attractions, such as lightening, audio, shooting, sound, animatronics, media, gameplay, and physical special effects.

The Salto! system has been successfully installed in science centres, museums, theme parks, and family entertainment centres around the world.

The show control and ride management software is a key component for the operation of rides at Legoland Discovery Centres, and other major attraction sites, including Maus au Chocolat in Phantasialand. The system is also used in two iconic rides – Popcorn Revenge in Walibi Belgium and the Bazyliszek ride in the Polish Legendia Park.

An upgraded version of the system was used in Popcorn Revenge to accommodate a more complex and non-linear erratic ride system, with greater movements and trigger effects.

Stéphane Battaille, CEO of Alterface, notes how the software helps augment visitor satisfaction at parks: “The best use and proof or our technology is provided by satisfied customers, and mostly by the ride visitors.

“Multiple industry but also fan awards for our rides show that Alterface delivers what is requested: to enjoy the ride. Our team continues to invest in creative and technology developments, enjoying the construction and completion of every single attraction,” Battaille added.