Belgium based Alterface, specialists in dark ride attractions, have crested three fresh attractions for the summer.

Volkanu at the new theme park Lost Island in Waterloo, Iowa, is one of three new interactive experiences launched this summer featuring interactive technology from Alterface.

Meanwhile, Alterface teamed up with Lego to create the Imagination Express – A journey through an over-sized Lego world into a giant bubble bath, down the plug hole, deep into a brick-built ocean and finally into outer space. 

“For us, it’s super important that the media and theming are combined in such a way that you forget about the technology,” says Alterface CEO Stéphane Battaille. “We never just provide a shooting system. We always try to figure out how it is going to transport people into the experience.” 

The third new dark ride is located at Fantasy Island Resort, Skegness. Named Harrington Flint’s Island Adventures, the storyline is based on a fictional explorer and treasure hunter. Riders join Harrington Flint as he comes face-to-face with his old enemy Professor Crow, who is on a mission to raise an ancient Mayan god of war and take over the world. 

Alterface’s shooting devices were already featured in the five ETF Mystic Mover vehicles acquired from a former dark ride in the United Arab Emirates. 

Alterface and ETF were great to deal with, and had a lot of patience when working with our guys on site,” says James Parker, Director of Operations and Business Development at Fantasy Island. “Among other things, they changed the intensity of the guns to make the shooting quicker and more responsive”