AMAALA has given a glimpse of the future in Saudi Arabia by unveiling its designs for the Triple Bay Yacht Club.

The boutique club will have an investment of $2 billion to be located within the Triple Bay Marina at the Prince Mohammed bit Salman Nature reserve. 

Its artistry designs portray the Yacht Club’s position between land and sea and the luxurious Club will cover 7900 sq.m over four levels.

The entrance will have an impressive archway with breath-taking views of the Red Sea. Its terraces will mimic the shape of Saudi Arabia’s cliffs.

AMAALA has the local economy in mind – sourcing local materials for the project, including stone, timber and metals.

The Yacht Club will stretch to 10 hectares in area and able to welcome more than 120 yachts, visiting superyachts and domestic cruising.

This project has been undertaken to co-inside with Saudi Vision 2030 with AMAALA playing a notable role in the Vision 2030 strategy. This strategic alliance aims to aid the diversification of the local economy with exponential growth in the UAE’s tourism sector.

John Pagano, CEO of AMAALA said: “We anticipate that AMAALA will become an international hub for luxury yachting, and as such, the yacht club required a world-class design, influenced by the surrounding natural elements and Arabic heritage, and underpinned by our commitment to sustainability.”

The project is expected to establish 50,000 direct and indirect jobs in Saudi Arabia. 1000 workers are currently working on the construction process. 

The first phase of Triple Bay Marina is expected to open in 2024.