American Wave Machines (AWM), creators of surf park, wave pool and wave technology, have introduced a new line-up of waves to PerfectSwell Shizunami, the surf facility in Makinohara, Japan.

The site recently played host to training sessions for the Japanese and USA Olympic surf teams.

One of the new waves is known as ‘The Drainer’, comprising of two, three-second barrel rides on the same wave.

Another new wave created by AWM is called the WedgePop, hailed as boasting the biggest air section to date.

According to professional surfer Evan Geiselman, who visited PerfectSwell Shizunami to try the waves for himself, the WedgePop only takes up 1/3 of the pool. “The best way to sum it up is as a game-changing air section. It’s a one pump, throw yourself, body, board as high as you can, and try to do the biggest air of your life,” said Geiselman.

The third new wave is known as the Highball, described as a “professional surfer’s dream canvas providing opportunities for a variety of manoeuvres and a massive finishing move.”

Speaking of the Highball, Evan Geiselman said: “In my mind, The Highball is the best wave ever made in a pool.”