The Harris Interactive poll found that although the majorities are still inclined to decrease spending on eating out and entertainment, the numbers are better than they had been two months ago.

In March, three-quarters of Americans said they were decreasing spending on eating out (74 per cent) and entertainment (74 per cent). These figures now stand at 66 per cent and 64 per cent, respectively.

"As people get ready for summer vacations, it seems as if the trips may be getting shorter and closer to home – more ‘daycations’ and ‘staycations’," said director of Harris Interactive’s methodology unit.

"But, even if summer vacations may be changing this year, there are small signs that things may be getting better, at least in terms of spending.

"More people are eating out and spending money on entertainment, something that the studios for the big summer blockbusters will be happy to hear, but the big ticket items are still not seeing any type of rebound."