With the 2010 season now in full swing, UK amusement ride manufacturer Amusement Technical has announced the completion of a range of projects for a variety of attraction venues, while also introducing several new ‘off the shelf’ safety related products.

At Camelot theme park in north west England, Amusement Technical has completed the full refurbishment of the park’s 33-seat Pirate Ship ride, while also carrying out continued maintenance on the Knightmare roller coaster. At Knowsley Safari Park, also in the north west area, the company has refurbished the venue’s mini-Pirate Ship and Severn-Lamb built train.

Meanwhile, on the south coast, at Funland Hayling Island, Amusement Technical has completed the full refurbishment of the park’s Breakdance ride, including a full upgrade of the drive and control system, while it has also carried out work on the Ghost Train on the South Pier in Blackpool, where a new control system and a newly developed vehicle anti-collision system have been added.

"In discussions we’ve had with ride operators and inspectors it’s become clear that the creation of a range of safety products which can be retro fitted to rides to help further alleviate a number of potential hazards, would be a real benefit for individuals and for the industry as a whole," commented Amusement Technical owner and director Sean Brian.

"The anti-collision system, for example, is an off the shelf product for any multi-car transport system powered from a rail. There is nothing similar on the market at present and I believe it will be a really useful product to offer."