Antic’s Land, the indoor amusement park located in the MegaMall in Sharjah, UAE, has chosen Intercard Cashless Technology to be used at the attraction site.

Intercard is a world leader in cashless technology. It’s raft of cashless payment product include the iReader Impulse, a ‘first of its kind’ system, which takes play cards ad credit cards.

The iReader Impulse allows amusement parks to increase their game revenue by up to 20%. The device also boasts a customisable display, to match a park’s FEC theme.

Other innovative cashless technology systems provided by Intercard include the iWave Reader, iReader Eclipse, iReader, i3 Reader, Shindigger, Nano & Nano Eclipse, amongst others.

Antic’s Land is the largest indoor family theme park in the UAE. The park is based on an oriental theme and provides guests with edutainment, mystery and fun.

In implementing Intercard Cashless Technology, Antic’s Land is catering for the rising demand from consumers to visit attraction sites without having to rely on cash and other traditional forms of payment.