An eye-catching new waterslide from Polin Waterparks was unveiled this summer to guests at Aqualand Frejus in southern France.

Storm Racer incorporates a variety of features that set it apart from other large waterpark slides and attractions. With its unique geometry, ride configuration and interactive ‘Watersplash’ feature, the high capacity attraction provides intense competition and blasts of adrenaline.

Launched in large rafts from a height of 24m (79ft), riders slide along a path 87m (285ft) in length at a speed of nearly 40km/h (25mph). The tunnel start features Polin’s patented Natural Light Effects technology.

Upon entering the slide, passengers shoot through a closed tube that curves downward in a wide arc. They are then plunged into an open-bowl configuration where they experience the strength of centrifugal force as they are propelled up a wide curved vertical slope.

The rafts rush toward the top of the slope and – just before they seem to be ready to shoot over the edge – gravity safely pulls them backward in a reverse ride. The energy gained in this section provides the force to propel them down and out of the bowl where their high-adrenaline journey is extended through another closed tube before ending in a run-out section. The ride can also be built to exit into a splash pool.

There’s an interactive elemnt too. As the rafts shoot to the top of the slope, Polin’s Watersplash sensors detect the highest point reached. The sensors are connected to a lighting system that displays results on a score board. At each level, the lighting system showcases another colour and, if the raft makes it to the top, the Watersplash feature activates, and water splashes over the riders. Winners can be determined based on each hour of the day, day of the week or the entire season to ensure months of competition between teams.

The attraction is also fun to watch. By integrating a central tower from which the slide launches, waiting riders can enjoy the action as they queue. In addition, the tower gives parks the option to accommodate either a single slide or two symmetrical slides. Up to 120 8-person rafts can be launched per hour.

Located just a short drive from the Cote d’Azur and operated by the Aspro group, Aqualand Frejus was the also the first waterpark in France to install Polin’s popular King Cobra waterslide.

“We know how quickly people’s interests can change, and we want to make sure we are always top of mind when they are considering how to spend their entertainment euros,” says Aspro’s director of operations, Wilfrid Lenandeis. “We focus on delivering an incredible experience for the value so guests will come back and are never disappointed.”