Canadian water games company Aquaventronics, which has been in the amusement industry for more than 30 years, now brings a new product into the limelight for all to enjoy.

Bump ‘N’ Blast is its latest innovative design, which offers not only double the fun for thrill-seekers but also double the profit for park owners. The product is used by adding it to existing or new bumper boats, or bumper car, attractions and operating a mixture of targets set up around a pool or arena.

Using various water effect devices, including machine gun spray, explosion of water and powerful mist, the design provides a higher level of interaction and amusement for customers.

When the indicator light is lit, riders can opt to spray or bump the targets, which will then activate the water, aiming at fellow riders. The site can choose to have as many sensors as they like, creating an inventive and fun gaming experience for everyone.