ASTM International, an international standards organisation that develops technical standards for a range of systems and products, is developing a proposed standard to establish a test method for obtaining acceleration data on waterslides using human subjects.

The data acquired by the standard will be pivotal in calculating and developing the expected forces riders experience on a waterslide. Obtaining data about the intensity of forces is key in ensuring riders are not faced with an unexpected event or a safety-related incident.

The new standard test method, known as WK72594, can be used to develop existing and future ride designs.

Andreas Tanzer, director of research, design and standards at ProSlide Technology, said: “The proposed standard will establish the method for obtaining data on acceleration forces users would feel when riding on various types of water slides.

“The intent is to have consistency in obtaining the acceleration data so it can be processed and authenticated for riders on all water slides,” Tanzer continued.