The Intamin-built Apocalypse, the world’s first stand-up drop tower, has received the Best European Thrill Ride Airtime Award from CoasterForce, the international roller coaster and theme park enthusiast community.

The award is the first ever of its kind and was presented to Drayton Manor’s MD, Colin Bryan, by CoasterForce’s Mark Slade and Phil Steadman after they had experienced the ride for themselves during a visit to the park.

"CoasterForce launched its Airtime Awards in 2008," noted Mark Slade, "asking its global membership to select their favourite rides, and put them out to a public poll. Out of thousands of votes, Apocalypse was voted the best thrill ride in Europe. It’s a big favourite with the members and exemplifies just how a thrill ride should be: fast, scary and impressive! Congratulations to Drayton Manor for thrilling their fans so well."

After receiving the award, Colin Bryan commented: "I am very proud that Apocalypse has been recognised as a ‘Best in Europe’ and would like to thank CoasterForce for the award. Over the years we have introduced many firsts to our park and Apocalypse is a prime example of this philosophy, it being the world’s first stand-up drop tower to open.

"Drayton Manor Theme Park will continue to offer visitors the very best in family entertainment and this award is another example of our dedication to providing fun and thrills for all."