BoldMove, specialists in creating thrilling experiences in the entertainment industry, have announced a new ‘TooMush’ IP designed to complement the Smash & Reload dark ride family.

TooMush tells the story of the cute little ‘Mushies’ and their exposure to pollution in their forest home. When exposed to contamination the Mushies turn into nasty creature which multiply at a rapid race, posing a real threat to citizens.

Players battle to prevent the threat by restoring the Mushies to their original condition. Competitiveness is achieved through a high scoring formula. The scoreboard is combined with an optional hall of fame with the player’s action photos.

BoldMove has partnered with the France-based company Polymorph to design the fun and easy IP.

The Smash & Reload dark ride was introduced earlier in 2020. The compact and double-action Smash & Reload dark ride has a compact footprint and creates a dynamic and easy gameplay for all ages.

Fabrice Guichard, CEO of Polymorph, provides greater detail about the TooMush IP: “It’s important to offer a fitting IP to a dark ride like Smash & Reload, with characters that are easy to understand and shoot at. We kept the storyline very clear and linear as in only 4 minutes players want to enjoy the game without having to get their head around complex stories, competitive setups and gameplay.

“The mission is simple: save the city by restoring nasty transformed Mushies. Although they are very straightforward, we have put some personality in the characters with facial expressions and physical traits like a tattoo and other small touches.

“It’s just so much fun to watch them expand and float all over the screens, and it’s even more satisfying to disactivate them as fast as possible. We enjoyed the design and development process with Benoit and it’s great to see it all come together now into a fun and dynamic ride,” Guichard continued.