BoldMove, creators of rides and attractions for theme parks and attraction sites that combine creativity and technology, has introduced XXL Smash & Reload. Smash & Reload is a family of compact, media-focused dark rides which feature smart tech, easy gameplay and hilarious IP.

Following from its original version and the XXS version, the XXL model has an 800-persons per hour throughput on a footprint of less than 600 sq. mt. The new XXL Smash & Reload is designed to provide superior entertainment for large crowds at attraction sites that may have limited budgets, space and maintenance efficiency.

The XXL Smash & Reload can also be a suitable addition of FECs, retail and leisure venues, regional parks and zoos, as well as theme parks.

The three Smash & Reload models feature three different systems to interact with the content. By using a shooting device, users can enjoy the hilarious mushrooms of BoldMove and Polymorph’s “TooMuch’ IP. The hand gesture-based system enables younger players to interact with the content in a simple yet effective way. Gamers can also enjoy using an old-school oversized gaming console.

BoldMove has also redesigned its Smash & Reload vehicles, which are now sportier, flashier and sharper, creating the perfect platform for a high-octane action ride.