Jumana Brodersen, president of The J Company and former corporate director of creative development for Busch Entertainment Corporation, has designed a new 1,530sq.m attraction for Tivoli Gardens in Denmark.

The Klump Island play zone is an immersive, themed environment offering rich play experiences for children and their families. Built around Rasmus Klump comic strip, the area will be divided into three adventure zones for three age groups.

"Amusement parks need to reinvest on a regular basis to give customers an incentive to return each year, stay longer in the park and spend money," Brodersen said. "Rasmus Klump is near and dear to the Danes and an excellent choice for a family destination such as Tivoli."

Complementing the play areas will be a Rasmus-themed ride, and a restaurant specialising in pancakes, the cartoon character’s comfort food of choice.