Calaway Park is finally able to celebrate their four-decade milestone after restrictions and Covid-19.

On 25 June, the north Calgary theme park in Canada kicked off festivities for its “40+1 Birthday Weekend.”

“We’re having fun because who does that right,” exclaimed Calaway Park general manager Bob Williams.

Calaway Park first opened to the public on 26 June,1982. In 41 years of operation, the park has doubled in size from 16 rides to 32.

Last summer would have marked its 40th season however any celebrations were put on ice due to the pandemic.

“We did get to open in 2020 with lots of restrictions. In 2021 there were some restrictions with Covid-19,” says Williams, who has been an employee with the park for 32 years.

“But you know, the anniversary is special, it’s something that you need to celebrate.”

The first 750 guests on Saturday were treated to a commemorative cookie to kick off the weekend celebration. The park also provided scavenger hunts and the first showing of its latest on-stage performance, Young Forever.

“It’s a fun song and dance show with some young performers that are all about staying young at heart. It’s very on-brand for Calaway Park,” said entertainment director Chris Thompson.

“For me, being a part of so many of those years and seeing so much growth happen at the park over those years and being a part of that, I’m just really proud of this company. I’m proud of all the people I’ve worked with and proud of myself for having an impact all those years,” said Thompson.