Cedar Point, Kings Island and other Cedar Fair parks have announced new Covid health and safety guidelines as they prepare to reopen.

The new safety protocol includes many parks no long requiring guests to have their temperature checked before they enter the site. The wearing of masks in outdoor areas will no longer be mandatory, unless physical distancing of six feet isn’t possible.

Cedar Point is due to open on May 14. It will open with limited capacity. Health screening questionnaires will be carried out by staff at the entrance gates. There will be no limits in place on ride capacity.

Kings Island is due to open on May 15. Reservations will only be required by Soak City Water Park and not the Kings Island theme park. Temperature checks are being discontinued at the park. Face coverings are required in the indoor areas but not outdoors.

Carowinds is opening on May 22 with limited capacity. Reservations will be required before visiting. A health screen questionnaire will be conducted at the front gate but temperature checks have been discontinued.