China’s first spinning wheel coaster with a loop but where riders are not inverted is being built in Jiaxing.

Maurer Rides, a leading manufacturer and supplier of amusement rides, is building the spinning coaster.

The ride starts at a height of 4.17 metres. Once inside the four-seater spinning wheel, passengers are pulled up a 30-degree incline to 17.4 metres, where they can take in panoramic views of Sunac Cultural Tourism City in the bay of Hangzhou.

Riders are then plummeted down a steep descent reaching speeds of 70km/h and into a tunnel. The vehicle then spirals into a loop, where riders can enjoy more views of the city before speeding back down.

The train spins and turns past the lake through a lying figure of eight and directly into a helix and then ascending steeply then descending around s-curves and back into the station.