Christie Digital Systems USA, a global visual and audio technologies company, are making an impact at Yinji Animal Kingdom theme park in Xinmi, China. The company’s laser projection solutions are impressing visitors at the new animal theme park.

The attraction site is home to more than 3,000 rare animals, which live in ecological environments that resemble their natural habitats. The theme park combines cultural tourism with state-of-the-art visual technologies, including projections on a 45-metre-high ‘Tree of Life’ sculpture and a 350-seat 4D theatre.

Christie is working alongside Wincomn Technology to create the projection projects. Eight Christie Crimson Series projections are lighting up the Tree of Life’s huge trunk, which boasts a 26-metre diameter, with bold and flamboyant visuals.

At the 4D Theatre, Wincomn has deployed four D4K40-RGB projectors to illuminate a huge, curved screen, which measures 30 metres in length and eight metres in height.

Tony Chen, general manager of Wincomn Technology, commented on the projects: “As the projection systems integrator of two of the most popular attractions in Yinji Animal Kingdom, we have spared no effort to deliver bold, colourful visuals that elevate the visitor experience to new levels.

“Christie’s Crimson Series and D4K40-RGB laser projectors, with their high performance, ruggedness and reliability, are well-suited for projections on the Tree of Life sculpture and in the 4D Theatre respectively,” Chen added.