With more than two decades of experience, Simulator Makine Produksiyon has revolutionised the every-day cinema experience.

The Turkey-based company, which specialises in the production of multi-dimensional cinema systems, has installed more than 60 motion cinema systems in Turkey and abroad in just the last two years alone.

Simulator Makine Produksiyon prides itself on using professional, 6 DOF Hexapod robots, and working with technology giant Siemens, in order to make the system popular with end users and investors.

The company produces motion theatre systems which utilise 3D glasses and provide a virtual reality experience via a platform synchronised with a film on the screen. The experience is heightened by the added bonus of snow, wind, fog and smoke effects.

Simulator Makine Produksiyon also uses 3D stereoscopy, which is a method used for presenting different images for the right and left eyes of the audience and increases depth of image. These images are only watched through 3D glasses.

The company also produces 3D animation films which are generally five to15 minutes long and are utilised in the entertainment, training and tourism sectors.