Clip n’ Climb, a global leader in the design and manufacture of fun climbing products, has announced updated looks for its Jungle Vines and Morse Code Challenges.

Clip ‘n Climb is focused on bringing innovation and quality to the fun climbing market. The two products in its Classics range will sport new panels, as well as printed graphics in vibrant colours.

Morse Code involves climbers spelling out messages as they climb. The attraction has been brought to life with a new colour scheme to appeal to visitors of all ages and complement the company’s brand.

The Jungle Vine Challenge tests strength, balance and ability. Climbers follow routes highlighted by different coloured balls. The new-look challenge has new panels to give climbers the impression they are in a jungle.

Chaz McManus, design technician at Clip ‘n Climb’s factory in New Zealand, said: “The project’s title is “Refresh” which I think sums up our objective in a single word perfectly. Our aim is to take existing Clip ‘n Climb designs and modify them using the simplest means possible with the goal of creating a better product for our customers and the brand they become a part of.

“We aren’t necessarily aiming to change how specific Challenges work, mainly modifying what exists in such a way that it presents itself as something new and exciting, so they align with our ranges’ more modern looking Challenges,” McManus added.