Roller coaster and theme park enthusiasts gathered at the National Roller Coaster Museum (NRCMA) for the Fourth of July holiday. The visitors explored the collection on display at the museum and had a first look at the new 10,000 square metre Mark Moore wing.

The group also got to see the unveiling of two new additions to the museum. One of the additions was the Loch Ness Monster Arrow ride vehicle that had been donated by Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The Loch Ness Monster was the first roller coaster designed with interlocking loops, giving way to the first every American Coaster Enthusiast’s Coaster Con 43 years ago.

The second attraction the group at the NRCMA got to see was the first coaster designed by Dana Morgan and Steve Okamoto for the West Coaster at Pacific Park on Sant Monica’s pier in California. The vehicle was donated by Pacific Park.

Visitors also got to witness exhibitions created by a number of manufacturing partners. One exhibition recently installed at the museum is of the 1983 Rollo Coaster from Idlewild and Soak Zone, which was constructed by Great Coasters International and designed by Skyline Attractions.

Priceless pieces of roller coaster history continue to be donated to the NRCMA. A recent addition was a car from the former Rocky Springs Jack Rabbit coaster in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The coaster was in operation from 1918 until 1927.