Connect&GO, a provider of wearable technology and innovative solutions to enhance guest experiences at leisure and entertainment destinations, has launched a new product known as Play&GO.

Play&GO is designed to enable attraction operators to create unforgettable experiences for guests and increase commitment and loyalty to their customers. With the Play&GO platform, users wear a wristband or card. They can they play games, access live experiences and create memories before, during and after their visit to an attractions site.

With Play&GO, amusement parks can offer new and fully customisable experiences which encourage education, play and exploration. Guests create a profile with the Play&GO platform and are then invited to participate in different missions and experiences, such as a scavenger hunt whereby participants attempt to find endangered animals for a zoo. Users are also invited to take part in interactive quizzes.

The Connect&GO platform allows park operators to transform standard activities into interactive video games for even more memorable experiences.

Dominic Gagnon, president of Connect&GO, commented on the new product: “More than ever, guests are looking to connect and interact in a unique way. The challenge is to create an environment where these connections are seamless and frictionless to the visitor before, during and after their experience. This is what Play&GO offers.”