Thinkwell Group, a global experience design and production agency specialising in the creation of theme parks, major attractions, live events and museum exhibits, has announced the findings of its third annual nationwide survey analysing the behaviour and purchasing decisions by guests at location-based entertainment venues.

The 2015 Thinkwell Guest Experience Trend Report focuses specifically on consumers’ experiences at family-friendly location-based entertainment venues and explores whether infusing these venues with an intellectual property would increase the amount of time and money spent there by visitors.

The survey polled over 1,000 adults with children to analyse their spending choices at these venues, specifically family entertainment centres, children’s museums, aquariums, zoos and restaurants.

While all respondents stated they would be willing to spend more time and money at any of the aforementioned venues if it was infused with an intellectual property, they would be more inclined to do so for an entertainment experience rather than an educational experience.

The findings of the survey indicate that it would be worthwhile and profitable for intellectual property owners to expand licensing opportunities for their properties in location-based entertainment, as they can be valuable and enduring profit generators.

“While brands and intellectual properties are being licensed more and more for theme park developments worldwide it’s important to see the value they also bring to stand-alone attractions and experiences,” said Joe Zenas, chief executive officer of Thinkwell.

“This report reinforces our belief that consumers are hungry for IP-branded experiences and that IP owners could benefit by expanding into different areas of location-based entertainment.”

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