Costa’s Family Fun Park in Pennsylvania has installed SPREE Interactive’s 8-player immersive virtual reality arena.

SPREE Interactive are providers of high-throughput virtual reality solutions designed for location-based entertainment.

The virtual reality arena is replace the park’s conventional coin-operated arcade space, providing Costa’s Family Fun Park with a revenue-driving alternative, which can accommodate up to 160 guests every hour.

The new interactive VR arena features non-violent titles, enabling visitors of all ages to interactive through fun games, such as sucking up ants as an anteater and squashing bugs on a planet made of cheese.

Ladora Phillips, recreation manager at Costa’s Family Fun Park, commented on the installation: “We were looking for a revenue generator that would meet or exceed the arcade facility that was using the space.

“We have reached our target younger audience and still have an activity that teens and adults enjoy and have reduced the amount of problem management in that space,” Phillips added.