Fitting into a space as little as 150sq.ft, Lazer Frenzy combines the high-tech entertainment of interactive lasers with state-of-the-art LED technology.

The system is built on a rugged hardware and software platform that has a built-in ability for it to be scalable in terms of size and upgradeable for future game releases.

Apart from the entry/exit doors, Lazer Frenzy is completely enclosed, and players find themselves in a glowing black light environment. The attraction offers a number of game formats and difficulty levels.

Jeff Schilling, president of Creative Works, said: "It’s a low-cost attraction to install yet it offers high excitement for guests and high revenue potential for our clients, which is exactly what entertainment venues are looking for in today’s economy."

Armando Lanuti, client relations manager for the Indianapolis-based company, added: "The attraction has a broad appeal in age range, starting as young as five years old with its easy to learn game objectives and extending to tweens, teens, and young adults with its multiple difficulty levels and the need for strategy and skill to achieve high scores."


For more information, contact:

Armando Lanuti, VP of Client Relations
Creative Works Theme Factory
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