Tigeren, the biggest Gyro Swing in Denmark, is coming to Djurs Sommerland theme park this year, opening on May 4, the park’s 39th season.

The arrival of the 45-metre-high, 100km/h Gyro Swing follows at five-million-euro investment of new themed rides at Djurs Summerland.

Tigeren will be the tallest and fastest ride to feature in the history of the popular theme park, which is located in Djursland, Denmark.

Djurs Sommerland’s CEO, Henrik Nielson, described the park’s new arrival.

“We expect this year’s new ride will be a huge success, and I’m convinced that most people will have to really take a breath and summon their courage to step aboard Tigeren.

“Tigeren is a thrill ride, where a rotating gondola at the end of a giant pendulum swings visitors up 45 metres above the ground at 100 km/h. You will feel as though you’re flying, as you rise up off your seat and experience the feeling of floating in mid-air.

“It will definitely be fun, and we’re delighted to be offering our visitors yet another ride which can only be found at Djurs Sommerland,” said Nielson.

The Gyro Swing is part of the park’s new theme area devoted to Wild Asia and will be accompanied by the fastest and longer family suspended rollercoaster in Europe – DrageKongen.

The tamer, family rides Jungle Rally and Safaribussen will also feature in the Wild Asia themed area, which has had more than 20 million euros invested in it since 2017.

Wild Asia is Djurs Sommerland’s ninth theme area and is part of a 65-million-euro investment project initiated in 2008 into making improvements to the theme park and installing new, high-quality rides.