Following the celebrated resurrection of Luna Park on New York City’s Coney Island in May, new plans have been unveiled for a new attraction in the eastern US state.

Emil Galasso, vice president and co-owner of the Howe Caverns visitor attraction in Cobleskill, central New York, has released plans for a new park at the site.
A major component will be Dinosaur Canyon, a walk-through outdoor attraction offering visitors the opportunity to interact with prehistoric giants.

Howe Development, which is handling the expansion, will work with Garner Holt Productions to complete the concept design and take the project through installation.

"My vision is to create a destination resort," Galasso said. "Even during these tough economic times, we’re getting nearly 200,000 visitors a year to Howe Caverns. We want to give them more to do while they’re here. Dinosaur Canyon will help us to become a true destination attraction."