Disneyland Hotel in Paris is to undergo a royal retheme. Work for the transformation of the hotel is already underway, following months of preparation.

When the hotel reopens it will boast a new royal them, with suites and rooms inspired by fairy tale classics, including Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty. Old classics will be accompanied with more modern stories, including Frozen and Tangled.

Younger guests will be able to enjoy the ‘Princess for a Day’ experience, with the return of a ‘reimagined comeback’ that will provide an even more royal experience.

The hotel lobby will be extended with more culinary options and an additional lounge for guests to relax.

Many pieces of old furniture have already been removed from the hotel, some of which has been made available for cast members.

Disneyland Paris has also donated over 1,500 pieces of furniture to three organisations that provide support to the local community.