Disneyland Paris is on target to complete its solar canopy plant by 2023. Construction of the solar plant, which will be one of the biggest of its kind in Europe, began in 2020.

The first phase construction is due to finish this summer. More than 12,000 solar panels have already been installed, covering an area of 1,770 parking spaces.

The solar canopy plant is situated in the main visitor carpark at Disneyland Paris. It has been built in collaboration with Urbasolar Group. The solar site will play a key role in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in the Val d’Europe territory, eliminating around 750 tonnes of CO2 a year. The plant will also provide shade and shelter for visitors.

The solar park is part of the Paris theme park’s ongoing environmental strategy, involving decarbonising its energy supply and reducing GHG emissions.

Other measures Disneyland Paris is carrying out in its drive to be sustainable includes reducing plastics, preserving water resources, preserving biodiversity and developing a responsible supply chain.