Danish amusement park Djurs Sommerland will unveil a new thrill ride called Tigeren when its 2019 season begins next May. Representing an investment of over €5 million, the ride in question will be one of the tallest Gyro Swings in Europe.

Built by Intamin, which supplied three of Djurs’ rollercoasters, it will feature custom theming by the Leisure Expert Group, which has also worked on several previous projects at the park in Nimtofte.

Tigeren will swing a 40-seater rotating gondola up to 45-metres in the air and reach a maximum speed of 100km/h. This will make it both the tallest and fastest ride at Djurs Sommerland. Up to 900 people per hour will be able to sample the attraction, based upon a 2-minute ride time. The minimum passenger height will be 1.25m.

The new attraction will be part of the themed area Wild Asia together with DrageKongen, a suspended family coaster from Intamin that was installed in 2017. This year two family rides were added, Jungle Rally and Safaribussen.

Since 2008, when the park opened the Piraten coaster (also by Intamin), Djurs Sommerland has invested more than €68 million in new rides and improvements. In 2007 it enjoyed a record attendance of 808.000.