In response to guest satisfaction scores and reviews, Dollywood has made an adjustment to its current operations. The park no longer requires visitors to make reservations prior to arriving at the site.

Dollywood reopened on June 15, for what is the park’s 35th season. Pre-booking has been a mandatory requirement during the first month of the park reopening.

The decision to remove the reservation requirement is due to operators wanting to make it easier for guests to visit the site.

As Craig Ross, president of the Dollywood Company, explains: “With the favourable feedback from our guests and the confidence our management team has in being able to continue to provide a satisfying experience for our guests, we are going to make it simpler and easier to visit the park without prior planning by removing the current reservation requirement.

“Guests are sharing their praise for the extensive efforts we are making during this pandemic. They are telling us they enjoy the shorter wait times, and that they find it easy to spend their day with us,” continued Ross.