Two rides will take shape as part of Drusillas’ latest investment, ‘The Rainforest Adventure,’ which according to the park will be ‘a beautiful jungle-themed area with three family-favourite rides, animatronic animals and educational trails, set to open for visitors in May half term.’

Lorries travelled the 900-mile journey transporting two of the park’s new rides. This was after spending four months creating the attractions at the headquarters of the Italian amusement group, Zamperla.

Zamperla’s employed a team of artisan crafters to bring the bespoke pieces to life, featuring a giant toucan atop a pond of colourful lily pads, and two huge tropical frog sculptures.

Other custom-made animal sculptures among the amazon theming will include animatronic giant anteaters, anacondas, jaguars, crocodiles, and tropical birds.

Managing Director, Ollie Smith, talked about the project: “We are beyond excited to be so close to completing our biggest project of 2022, and the first glimpses of the transformation of the area have surpassed our expectations, thanks to the outstanding work of Zamperla. We can’t wait to reveal our new rides; Toucan Twister and Amazon Skyrise which both arrived this week.”

Ollie continued, “We are excited to now create a really unique Drusillas experience throughout the Park. The transformation of this area brings a little more of that tropical animal magic to our visitor experience – and this is just the beginning of so many more exciting developments coming up in the next few years.”