Fabian Stumpfl has joined his brother in his new position as CEO of Austrian audio-visual technology manufacturer, AV Stumpfl.

Prior to his new role in the family owned company, Fabian was responsible for HR and strategic planning.

“We work really well as a team, not only when it comes to company business, but also when flying gliders, which is a passion we both share,” said Tobias.

“During some of our glider trips we spend more than 12 hours together. Whether in the sky or in the office, in order to reach our goals, we have to constantly take decisions and adjust our strategy to new developments.

“That kind of joint decision making only works when you can completely trust one another.”

Towards the end of 2016, AV Stumpfl founder Reinhold Stumpfl handed over the management of the family owned company to his eldest son, Tobias.

The Austrian company is an internationally successful AV technology manufacturer, with an export quota of more than 90%.