Guangzhou Sunac Land in China has opened ‘Dueling Dragons’, the world’s first duelling triple LSM launch coaster.

This innovative rollercoaster features two dragon-themed trains. One train involved riders being suspended, and the other train has its riders sat down, as they duel one another with several near-miss elements thrown in.

Dueling Dragons comprises of Intamin’s powerful LSM drive system, which powers the trains around the loop.

The trains come to a standstill on the loop and are then launched backwards, picking up more speed than ever, as the reach the top of a 50-metre high peak.

At this point, thrill-seekers experience a moment of zero-gravity weightlessness before being accelerated to speeds of approx. 100 km/h on the sit-down train and 110 km/h on the suspended train.

Spectators watching the dragons duel can enjoy an enthralling experience as the trains battle on around the track.

As well as utilising Intamin’s integrated water-cooling system for the LSM drives, the Dueling Dragons feature Intamin’s latest train design, with ergonomically shaped seats that ensure safety and maximum comfort.