In a move intended to protect issues of ‘innovative technology’ and ‘safety,’ the association believes moves are necessary to combat the threat to its members’ interests.

"Although the European industry certainly accepts all challenges regarding globalisation and fair competition," the statement reads, "we cannot and will not submit to uncontrolled competition that breaks all the rules, inflicting our work and the future of our industry with heavy damages

"As we believe in an ethical code, even if it isn’t always reflected by the legal system, we have decided to take all possible and necessary actions to defend our interests against those who deliberately base their development on copying the rides we have created at significant costs and with considerable efforts.

"We will take all the necessary steps in the European Union to utilise existing instruments and create new regulations capable of defending all of our rights and interests as part of the European Union’s social system."

The statement goes on to suggest that EAASI members are also considering the possibility of "not participating in any future event that supports and/or does not reject this type of unregulated competition."