Efteling, the fairy-tale theme park in Holland, reopens on May 19, in time for the opening of the park’s newest attraction, the play forest Nest!

The play forest will be ready to welcome guests for the first time on May 31, the 69th birthday of Efteling theme park.

Nest! is a safe play park designed for children of all ages. Accessibility was at the heart of the design and the play equipment is suitable for children with or without disabilities.

The equipment comprises of a dragon tower, featuring two slides. There is also a large ship, a waterbed in the shape of a compass and several play panels at different heights and in different materials. The floor that the play forest sits on is made of smooth and soft rubber material.

Also new to 2021 at Efteling will be an exclusive fairy-tale known as ‘De redders van Ruigrikj’, in which children with disabilities play the leading role.

Working on the fairy-tale in collaboration with Efteling is Dutch theatre creator and wheelchair athlete, Marc de Hond, who has enjoyed coming to the theme park with his family for years.