In what will be the first phase of a development plan for the Reizenrijk area, Efteling, the fairytale theme park in Holland, is extending the volume of attractions it offers.

Part of the 2.8 million investment plan, the Adventure Maze and Monsieur Cannibale will be reworked into Archipel and Sirocco attractions. Both rides will boast a Sinbad the Sailor theme, originated from the story of 1001 Nights.

Fons Jurgens, CEO of Efteling, referred to the decision from the council to extend the park as “positive.”

Talking about the plans to expand the Reizenrijk area of the theme park, Jurgens said: “In the coming years, this area will be tackled in its entirety, in terms of theming, walking routes, infrastructure, etc. We have planned this in phases. This winter the attractions Adventure Maze and Monsieur Cannibale spinning cauldrons will be adapted to the oriental them of Sinbad the Sailor.”

Jurgens also spoke of plans to adopt the existing Panoramic Restaurant into the same theme.

Sinbad the Sailor has been present at Efteling since 1998. The Vogel Rok indoor roller coaster at the park is themed on one of Sinbad’s seven sea voyages.