The experience, called Efteling Wonderland, is inspired by the children’s novel Alice in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll in 1866.

The park opens its new fantasy on 28 March to coronate its jubilee year.

Visitors will be at the heart of proceedings at this temporary pop-up event for this special season.

Led by the Mad Hatter himself alongside March Hare, visitors will be welcomed to the mad birthday tea party like never before.

Visitors will go down the famous rabbit hole into the March Hare’s vegetable garden, where activities will taken place throughout the day to nostalgically themed music. There will be a  number of scenes reminiscent of the famous children’s book along with a souvenir stand and a welcoming area with snacks and drinks in the vegetable garden.

Fons Jurgens, Efteling’s CEO, explained: “Efteling is celebrating its seventieth anniversary in turbulent times, so the importance of being together and escaping reality once in a while is more important than ever. We have consciously chosen to create a temporary but innovative fairytale that is about celebration. Here our visitors will be the guests of honour and play an active part in the fairytale with the help of the Mad Hatter and March Hare.

“Efteling will always remain true to the fairytales, but is also looking for different and unique ways to innovate throughout the years to ensure we celebrate another seventy years.”