Efteling theme park in the southern Netherlands has unveiled plans to open a new, €35m ($38m) dark ride in 2017.

Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy will be a family-friendly indoor attraction similar to other Efteling attractions such as Droomvlucht, Fata Morgana and Carnaval Festival.

According to the park, the new attraction will revolve around the interplay of reality, dream and fantasy, with Symbolica forming part of Efteling’s 65-year anniversary celebrations.

Once inside Symbolica, a maximum of six people will step into a carriage and choose one of three different routes. Each route will offer a different adventure with interactive elements through the Palace of Fantasy.

Symbolica is being constructed in the centre of Efteling, and according to the theme park’s president and CEO, Fons Jurgens, it will be the resort’s “largest and most expensive” attraction.

“By constructing Symbolica, we are renewing and expanding our range of attractions en route to becoming an international destination with five million visits per year,” Jurgens said.

“Symbolica will be an attraction for the whole family. This dark ride will help Efteling to maintain its distinctive edge and its position at the top of the list of European theme parks – not only through unique and characteristic storytelling and thematisation, but also through our close attention to detail in every aspect of the attraction.”

Since opening its doors in 1952, more than 120 million people visited Efteling. Over the years, the park’s unique fairy tale atmosphere has been augmented by a wide selection of rides and attractions.

In addition to Symbolica, Efteling is also investing around €30m ($32.3m) in the construction of a new holiday village.

The site – which borders the theme park, Efteling Golf Park and the Loonsche Land nature district – will feature central facilities and holiday homes designed to be compatible with the district’s natural surroundings.