Visitors to Efteling can now explore the Dutch theme park’s latest attraction, Symbolica: Palace of Fantasy.

The palace doors opened for the first time to the public on July 1, following a €35m investment – making Symbolica the most expensive and largest attraction Efteling has ever seen.

The covered attraction takes visitors through secret corridors and royal apartments, while being entertained by Magic Jester Pardoes and greeted with numerous surprises along the way.

“We have tried to build a differentiating family attraction, especially to celebrate Efteling’s 65th anniversary,” said Fons Jurgens, chairman of Efteling’s board of directors.

“To now see that whole families come to Efteling for a ride in Symbolica is very moving. And I am not just speaking for myself, but especially on behalf of all the people who were involved with the construction of this phenomenal attraction.”

Sander de Bruijn, head of the design team, added: “It is fantastic to see that visitors are amazed by the experiences in the many scenes of this totally imaginative attraction. For us, as the design team, it feels as if all the bits of the puzzle are falling into place.”