The first ever trade show devoted entirely to the family entertainment centres industry is to be held in October. ShowUp is taking place on October 27 – 29 and will be hosted by virtual reality expert, Bob Cooney.

ShowUp will see industry leaders, operators, manufacturers and developers gather online to explore and discuss cutting edge solutions to diversify and innovate the industry, including 5G, AI, VR, AR and Photogrammetry.

Commenting on the rise of home entertainment options, such as virtual concerts on TikTok, Cooney said: “Operators think Covid-19 is an existential threat, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. The real danger is the acceleration of in-home entertainment technologies spurred by the pandemic.

“The shutdown challenges the industry, but it will come back. Countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore got control of the virus early, and operators have returned to near or above pre-COVID levels. There’s a massive pent-up demand for location-based entertainment among families.

“Getting back to profitability is only step one for the industry. Operators need to embrace these emerging technologies to stay ahead of what consumers can do at home. If they don’t, they’ll go the way of mall video arcades of the ’80s,” Cooney continued.

ShowUp will comprise of networking sessions, case studies, workshops, interactive live games, roundtables, keynote speakers, and more. Over 100 industry experts will be presenting at the virtual event, including Randy White of White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group and Blain Graboyes, CEO and founder of GameCo.