ETF Ride Systems, specialists in ride design and manufacture, has announced the ETF-Group has taken over SOIOS B.V., a designer and producer of innovative road trains for passenger and freight transport.

SOIOS is known for making high-quality electric and solar powered vehicles designed to achieve emission-free, eco-friendly transport. By equipping theme parks and amusement facilities with the eco-friendly technology, operators can save up to $22,500 a year on energy and maintenance costs.

SOIOS creates trains that are ideal for them parks, accommodating up to 72 guests and being available with on-board screens and audio systems. The vehicles are supplied with acid lead of lithium battery packages.

The taking over of SOIOS B.V. will mean ETF-Group extends its portfolio, which includes the successful trackless dark vehicles designed by ETF Ride Systems.

SOIOS will continue to develop innovative products for theme parks, open-air museums, zoos, and other businesses, under the ETF – SOIOS B.V. flag.