Europa Park, the second largest theme park in Europe, has joined forces with immersive experience attraction design and build specialists, Jora Vision, to create an innovative new dark ride.

Named ‘Snorri Touren’, the new ride is expected to open this year in the area of the park that is based on the mythical world of Rulantica, designed by Mack Solutions.

Robin van der Want, Jora Vision’s Project development director, said:

“The last couple of years we have created several amazing dark rides, such as the “Thea” awarded Bazyliszek in Poland and the Raving Rabbits Time Machine in Futuroscope. When Mack Solutions reached out to us about creating a dark ride based on the character Snorri, we were very excited.

“Not only did we get the chance to work together with the creative talents of Mack Solutions, Mack Animation and Mack Rides, but we were given the trust to translate their creative vision into a full concept design and execute the full project from schematic design up to the production of show sets.”

Patrick Marx, project manager at Mack Solutions, commented on the story behind Rulantica and Snorri:

“The new to build Scandinavian area was perfect to integrate the theme of Rulantica, since the Nordic Scandinavian style fits with our story of Rulantica. In our story, the fishermen who live in this village have netted Rulantica artefacts and they found Snorri in a barrel. A new friendship grew with the villagers and Snorri found his home in the basement of one of the houses in the Scandinavian area.”

Simeon van Tellingen, creative director at Jora Vision, added:

“From the basement Snorri has decided to set up his own travel agency. Boarding a patch together rubber boat, a custom designed vehicle we designed for Mack Rides, the visitors are mysteriously transported to Rulantica to explore its mystifying realms.

“What we love about this attraction is the combination of classic dark ride techniques, such as animatronics and elaborate show sets with on the other side state-of-the-art technology such as integrated media, lighting and yet to reveal special effects. Although it is designed to “wow” families with young children, it will definitely entertain guests of all ages.”

Jan Maarten de Raad, CEO at Jora Vision announced that ‘Snorri Touren’ is due to open late in 2019.

“The collaboration with Europa Park is great, together we form a dream team. I am sure that the passion of our joint adventure will come back into the overall experience and guest appreciation!” said Jora Vision’s CEO.